Entomological storage/display cases 

Our models "Simple", Muséum and Design are made from the same structure in various formats and 3 heights (5 cm, 5.5 cm & 7.5 cm). Our mouldings are cut on a digitally controlled saw which guarantees reliable formats. We use chipboard wood for our mouldings as it is very stable. Bottom is made from 15/10 cardboard and lined with 10 mm plastazote foam. Lids have a 2 mm clear glass, but can also be made with cardboard. Our boxes have a strong fabric hinge (or lift off top on request). 

  • Basic

    Different colors are available :

    Linen paper : black, pearl grey or green

    Snakeskin style paper : black, brown, grey or burgundy

    You can also choose to have hanging hooks fitted in or not.

  • Museum

    All our frames are made from chipboard which  guarantees their stability in the long term. They are pre-cut on a digitally operated machine which ensures a perfectly respected final size.

  • Black Inside
    Black Inside

    These cases are entirely lined inside with black paper, and a black velvet paper is applied on top of the plastazote.

  • Wood

    All wood cases made from African whitewood (also called abachi, or ayous in Cameroon), with a glass lift off top, plastazote in the bottom.

  • Cardboard boxes
    Cardboard boxes

    These boxes are entirely made from white cardboard, they have a glass lift off lid, plastazote lining in the bottom. White or black models are available as well as all black models, with the bottom entirely papered in black, with black velvet paper applied above the plastazote.

  • Transport
    Boite carton brun, fond avec émalène.
  • Entomological box with a golden belt
    Entomological box with...

    These cases all have a inside belt that is covered with a golden paper. The inside sides are lined with white paper. 

  • Promotion Fin de série
    Promotion Fin de série
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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item